Zep All-Around Oxy Cleaner & Degreaser : Tackle More Than The Kitchen

I’m a minimalist. I love finding one thing that tackles more than one function. It’s reflected in my decor, my wardrobe and even how I clean. As tempting as it is to walk down a cleaning aisle at the store and grab one of each (“woah…. is that one bamboo scent?!”) I force myself to resist, knowing there’s an easier, more efficient way to get things done. ZEP All-Around Oxy Cleaner and Degreaser is a product that fits perfectly with that goal.

When you see the word “cleaner” you probably think about kitchens and bathrooms. You wouldn’t be wrong – ZEP All-Around OXY is a workhorse when it comes to dirty countertops and grungy shower walls. But, its usefulness doesn’t stop there. It quickly cleans virtually any hard or soft surface. Two of my favorite ways that it pulls extra duty may surprise you.

zep all around oxy cleaner degreaser sneaker cleaner #zepsocialstars


Sneakers, tennis shoes… no matter what you call them, I love them. I wear them year round and almost everywhere I go. Unfortunately, that means they pile on the dirt, scuffs and splatters. Zep All-Around Oxy works great as a quick clean up. No matter if it’s dirt from an afternoon walk or an accidental drip of olive oil during dinner prep – a quick spray and a soft cloth cuts right through the grease and grime (and my shoes can avoid a near death experience in the washing machine).


Workout Equipment

Sweat is a natural part of working out. We can easily go jump in the shower, but what about your exercise equipment? Let’s just be honest for a minute: your sweat travels. It transfers during every squat, lift, crunch and pose. Gross, right? Even more reason to make sure you keep your equipment clean. Unfortunately, you can’t throw your yoga mat in the washer. ZEP All-Around OXY cleaner is gentle enough to use on your best yoga mat and strong enough to clean up your heaviest weights. Bye bye build up – hello fresh and clean downward dog.

If It’s Dirty, Chances Are ZEP All-Around OXY Cleaner & Degreaser can Clean It

You get Oxy action with every spray to battle tough stains and break up greasy grime on virtually any hard or soft surface. It’s safe on granite, upholstery, laminate, porcelain, stainless steel, carpet and more. It’s safe for daily use with no harsh fumes left behind on kitchen counters, furniture or other touchable surfaces.

Got Stains? Then you’ll be happy to know that ZEP All-Around Oxy works especially well on red wine, blood, fruit juice, food stains, urine and dirt (wow… sounds like a typical day with a toddler).

zep all around oxy cleaner degreaser #zepsocialstars

One Bottle for Ultimate Grime Control

If you’re tired of searching through a ton of bottles under your sink every time you have something splatter, drip or smear – try ZEP All-Around OXY Cleaner and Degreaser. If you want one bottle for each room though, we won’t hold it against you. It’s a serious solution for serious cleaning….and the kitchen is just the beginning.


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