Unique and Crafty Things To Do With Old Jeans

Have you ever wondered how to reuse and reimagine your old jeans? Or what to do with leftover pant legs?  We have you covered, literally!


As a Mom, between the kid’s growth spurts or the “Mom I got a hole in my jeans, but I don’t know how I did it” reply, let alone the pairs my husband ruins at work, and the many pairs of jeans I have bought for myself thinking I would wear them only for them to just hang in the closet gathering dust on the hanger, my ever growing pile makes me wonder what to do with all of these old blue jeans!

crafty things to do with old jeans


I have often wondered if there were any uses for old blue jeans. I have seen old quilts made from them, however, I am looking for crafty things to do with old jeans. That is one of the reasons I love the internet! All you must do is type in “what can you make out of old jeans” or “diy jean ideas.” You will be amazed at what you can find!

Since I have my own question of what to do with old jeans, I decided to scour the internet and put together a fun article of unique ideas for old jeans.

Here are the crafty things for old blue jeans that I found online:

Star Bean Bags:


crafty ideas old jeans


With Summer right around the corner, those wonderful days of hanging outside with our family and friends are soon approaching. If your get together includes fun outside games like corn hole and lawn darts like ours does, then you definitely need to check out this awesome way that Stephanie at SWOODSON SAYS repurposed her family’s jeans by making Star Bean Bags! This is really a fun and effortless way to upcycle those old jeans!

Patriotic Denim Rag Wreath:





The idea of how to reuse old jeans was also on the mind of Amy of ATTA GIRL SAYS! She created a super fun way to make repurpose old jeans! She created a Patriotic Denim Rag Wreath! I am positive you already have the few supplies on hand that you will need to make this super cute wreath!

Reusable Bag:


Have you ever wondered how to recycle old jeans into a bag? Check out this super cute bag that Crystal of REUSE GROW JOY created out of the cute bibs (or overalls as some say) that her little ones used to wear! This reusable bag is so simple to make and will be a great keepsake and memory of when your little one wore them!

Denim Apron:



I am glad that aprons are making a comeback! I now have several of them as well do my girls. There is just something nostalgic about them! I have very fond memories of my Grandmas wearing them and all the delicious food they made for us. So, for me, it brings back fond family memories! The denim apron that Kim of SHOPPING KIM featured is cool. Her Mom created a denim apron that Kim could use when she cooked and baked out of a pair of Kim’s jeans. This is just a simple and fun reminder of how to reuse jeans!

Recycled Denim Pocket Hoop Art:


This “what to do with old jeans” idea from Albion of ALBION GOULD is unique! What I love about this idea is not only how to reuse old blue jeans, it is also a wonderful way to reuse the embroidery hoop that you have sitting around that you are not using! I have three of them at last count. Why I have so many I have no idea. More than likely it was because I bought another one because I could not find the one I had. Anyway…. that is a story for another time. Albion created a Recycled Denim Pocket Hoop Art piece that is unique and versatile.

Denim Skirt:



Have you ever wondered what can you make out of old jeans that you could wear again? How about turning an old pair of jeans into a skirt? Carissa of Creative Green Living created a really cute skirt by recycling a pair of old jeans. I am loving how she refashioned a pair of old jeans!


Denim Floor Cushion:



One of the things my kids love to do, especially on family movie night, is lay on the floor and watch tv. The problem is, when they are laying down on the blankets, they cannot sit up and eat their snack or popcorn. Or if we decide to play a quick board/card game, they are sitting lower than the couch which causes problem too. I am loving this denim floor cushion that Vicky of Vicky Myers Creations came up with! This is a terrific way to recycle old jeans! The fabric will be super durable and functional!


Recycled Denim Mat:



The best inventions, at least I think are the products that parents/grandparents have come up with out of necessity! This recycled denim mat made out of recycled old blue jeans that Shellie of CraftBits came up with is fantastic! How great would this be to keep close by or even in one of your family vehicles, so you always have something to lay your little one on when you must change them when you are out. I know you have been there. You are on a road trip when you start to smell something out of the back seat and there are not any sanitary places to change them. So, the back of the vehicle will have to do! This recycled mat would be perfect!

Nifty Denim DIY Ottoman:



Sometimes my husband comes inside after working on a project and he has either stained or put a hole in his jeans. Of course, he could use them as his old jeans, but sometimes when the number of old jeans just piling up, well, we can either become a hoarder of them or keep one or two pair and create awesome DIY projects. DIY was on the mind of Claire who is over at Pillar Box Blue. She has created one of the coolest DIY projects I have seen in a long time! A Nifty Denim DIY Ottoman!

DIY Jeans and Dress Pants Upcycle:



Danielle over at Do It Yourself Danielle, came up with a neat tutorial of combining denim jeans AND dress pants together to create a very cool skirt! This is not only a wonderful use of old jeans, it is also a great use of dress pants that you do no longer wear! What a brilliant idea! Repurpose two items into one!

Fray and Distress Your Own Jeans:



I am sure you have noticed the latest fashion of new denim that looks like old denim, right? I must admit that I am guilty of buying a pair of distressed jeans recently. I love them. They are so comfortable, and my husband said I look good in them, so it is a win-win! However, I will not buy another pair of them due to the cost! They are not cheap! I will not say how much I spent for them! It was too much, but a splurge is good occasionally. However, when you have kids at home that are growing like weeds, it is not practical to splurge. Jenn at Ever After In The Woods has a tutorial that if your kids have jeans that are too short but still fit, that is a must for you to check out! Why not cut those jeans into fashionable frayed and distressed shorts!?

Recycled Denim Bracelet:



Have you ever priced out a denim bracelet before? They are not cheap. They are super cute, but unfortunately not in everyone’s budget. I have seen them anywhere from $15 to $40 for just one bracelet! If you are wanting one of those bracelets, how about making one yourself out of recycled jeans? Check this tutorial that Menucha of Moms and Crafters came up with!

Baby Bibs from Old Jeans:



All I can say is why did not I think of this when my kids were little! We went through so many bibs! I could have gone through the pile of old jeans that I have and made several! Man, this would have been awesome! They would have lasted longer too! Jackie of Happy Hooligans came up with a really neat tutorial of how to make baby bibs from not only old jeans but tee-shirts! You must check this out!

Microfibre iPhone case:


How many iPhone cases have you or your kids went through? We have gone through several. Maggy at Red Ted Art has created a fun tutorial of reusing old jeans to make an iPhone/ipod case! This is another great idea and way to repurpose your old blue jeans!


Thanks for checking out all these great ways to repurpose old jeans! I hope you found some inspiration on what to do with all those old blue jeans you have sitting in the closet!

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crafty things to do with old jeans



*I received permission from each of the bloggers featured in this post to share one photo in the post, one photo in a collage, and a link.


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  1. Hello, love your page. I wanted to make a comment on your “Decluttering Your Kitchen” page, but there wasn’t a place to do it. Bummer.

    I like to make coasters and hot pads out of old denim jeans. I usally get my denim from yard sales.

    I use my embroidery machine to put a cute design on the top piece of denim, the middle section has a quilt pad and the bottom piece is another piece of denim. Once I have the design embroidered on, I cut the denim pieces the same size and the quilt pad just a bit smaller (don’t want it wadding up inside when you wash the denim). After putting the pieces together, put on your sewing machine and sew a border around it, not too close because you will want to snip the denim all the way so it frays. I then put another pretty border, like a scalloped design around it and your done. You can make them round, square, triangle, diamond, rectangle. Any shape you want them. They make great gifts.

    1. Hi! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll look into it to see why the comment section isn’t available.

      Those are great tips for old jeans! Thank you for sharing!