Know Your Disney Villainesses

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Disney Villainesses don’t get the air time or exposure that the Princesses do, however, they are equally just as important in the movies!

It’s hard being your own woman sometimes. You create your own stand-out style, make your mark on the world – and people still call you Brenda instead of Linda. The lady villains of Disney know your pain.


Constantly I see people making reference to Maleficent and they’re really talking about the Evil Queen. People say things like “That one chick…with the mermaid. Isn’t she a fish or something?” and Ursula is just sitting over there like “I’m half octopus! How is that forgettable?!” With the upcoming (highly anticipated) Maleficent II movie, one would think fans could get their ducks in a row. Right?

I understand that we all have our favorites (I want Maleficent to be my EFF – evil friend forever) but, do yourself a favor and expand your horizons..


Ready to Sharpen your knowledge of Disney’s Bad Girl Club?


How many female Disney villains are there?

There are ten female villains in the Disney movie franchise:

The Evil Queen 
Cruella De Vil
Madame Medusa
The Queen of Hearts
Madame Min
Lady Tremain
Mother Gothel


Here is a breakdown so you can Know all of your Disney Villainesses!

The Evil Queen

snow white evil queen

Story: Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs
Aliases: The Queen, Wicked Queen, Queen Grimhilde
Disney Villainesses Inspiration: Joan Crawford
Who She Is: Queen, stepmother to Snow White, narcissist
Powers: Dark Magic via magic mirror, cauldron and spells
Quote: “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?”
Trademarks: Poison Apple, black hood, crown




Story: Sleeping Beauty
Aliases: Mistress of all Evil, Embodiment of Evil
Disney Villainesses Inspiration: original fairy tale
Who She Is: Evil Fairy, third wheel at parties
Powers: Magical Being, transformation, curses
Quote: “The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But… before the sun sets on her 16th birthday, she shall prick her finger, on the spindle of a spinning wheel – AND DIE! ”
Trademarks: Raven, horns



disney ursula

Story: The Little Mermaid
Aliases: The Sea Witch
Disney Villainesses Inspiration: Divine (performer)
Who She Is: The Sea Witch, granter of wishes, King Triton’s sister. keeper of Ariel’s voice
Powers: Transformation, granting wishes, curses
Quote: “I’m not asking much. Just a token really, a trifle. You’ll never even miss it. What I want from you is your voice.”
Trademarks: tentacles, eels

Cruella De Vil

cruella de vil

Story: 101 Dalmations
Aliases: None
Disney Villainesses Inspiration: 101 Dalmatians by Dodie Smith
Who She Is: Wealthy fur addict, dog kidnapper (killer)
Powers: Money, henchmen
Quote: “My only true love, darling. I live for furs. I worship furs! After all, is there a woman in all this wretched world who doesn’t? ”
Trademark: black and white hair

 Madame Medusa

madame medusa

Story: The Rescuers
Aliases: Auntie Medusa
Disney Villainesses Inspiration: Animator’s ex-wife
Who She Is: Pawn shop owner, jewel thief, kidnapper
Powers: Henchmen
Quote: “I want that diamond. I’ve got to have the Devil’s Eye!”
Trademarks: alligators

The Queen of Hearts

queen of hearts

Story: Alice in Wonderland
Aliases: None
Disney Villainesses InspirationElizabeth de Mowbray, Duchess of Norfolk
Who She Is: Impatient ruler of Wonderland
Powers: henchmen (guards)
Quote: “Off with their heads!”
Trademark: Cards, painting roses

 Madame Mim

madame mim

Story: The Sword in the Stone
Aliases: Magnificent Marvelous Mad Madam Mim
Disney Villainesses Inspiration: unknown
Who She Is: Annoying little witch who challenged Merlin (and lost)
Powers: transformation
Quote: “Cause I’m the magnificent, marvellous, mad Madam Mim!”
Trademark: becoming a germ, purple hair



yzma disney

Story: The Emperor’s New Groove
Aliases: none
Disney Villainesses Inspiration: Yma Sumac (speculated)
Who She Is: Emperor Kuzco’s  former right hand gal now bent on revenge
Powers: transfiguration potions
Quote:  “Pull the lever, Kronk!”…”WRONG LEVER!!!!”…”Why do we even have that lever?!”
Trademark: Kronk


 Lady Tremain

lady tremain disney

Story: Cinderella
Aliases: Evil Stepmother, Wicked Stepmother
Disney Villainesses Inspiration: original fairy tale
Who She Is: Cinderella’s mean stepmother, social ladder climber
Powers: Affluence, evil daughters
Quote: “Oh. Pay no attention to her.”
Trademark: Dracula Hair, high collars

 Mother Gothel

mother gothel

Story: Tangled (Rapunzel)
Aliases: none
Disney Villainesses Inspiration: original story by the Brother’s Grimm
Who She Is:  Witch who kidnapped Rapunzel and pretended to be her mother
Powers: Witchcraft, the tower, cunning
Quote: “You want me to be the bad guy? Fine… Now, I’m the bad guy.”
Trademark: Think Meg from Hercules in 15 years


Do you have a favorite Disney Villainess?  I think that Maleficient, is actually not as bad of a villain like some of the others.  She, unlike some of the villians, had a change of heart for her  “Little Beastly”.


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  1. I love that Disney is putting the spotlight on the villains lately! Maleficent will probably always be my favorite, but I do love The Queen of Hearts almost just as much!

  2. I am not up on anything Disney… but doesn’t the Queen of Hearts look kind of like Fred Flintstone to you. LOL, maybe I am just seeing things.

  3. Okay, there were a couple of Disney Villainesses I didn’t know much about! It’s neat that some were inspired by people. I’m ready to see Maleficent!!

  4. I get the Evil Queen and Maleficent mixed up ALL the time! LOL Unless I’m really paying attention, I often mistake one for the other.

  5. This is such a great post! I tell you, when I was little I was scared to death of Cruella De Vil. She still gives me the eebie jeebies!

  6. I don’t know if I would say I want any of them to be my EFF but this was a great round up of villains. Thanks for a unique and fun post.

  7. How interesting that Joan Crawford was an inspiration for one? She certainly played a good one in the movies.

  8. I agree to have a villain named after you is not good. But it does make me laugh – what a way to get back at your EX! Very informative post! Thanks

  9. This post is so cooool! The trivia you added with each character is truly amazing. I never thought that Madame Medusa is the creator’s ex wife! That’s funny! :)

  10. hahahahahaha

    why is it so funny to me that it’s an ex wife who inspired a whole disney villainess? that’s awesome!

  11. This is a great round-up. It’s interesting how many people get some of these mixed up. Of course, I’m of the opinion that some of these ladies are just misunderstood ;)

  12. Yep, this is a great post on all the wicked ladies of the Disney stables. They are maleficent and my fave one is Aunt Medusa.

  13. This post was awesome. My family and I are a bunch of Disney nuts so it was cool to seeing all the info on the villianesses

  14. I think the Evil Queen from Snow White was the most wicked villain. I thought it was cool how she changed appearances.

  15. I’m actually bummed about this Maleficent movie coming out. I don’t even remember seeing Sleeping Beauty as a kid so I have no background on this character. I wish they would have pulled the movie out of the vault before creating this one.

  16. I love the villainesses! When I was about 4 my great aunt had a hair-do with a white stripe in it. The first time I met her I gasped, pointed and said “Mom! It’s Cruella De Vil!!”

  17. My kids are always calling the Villainesses by the wrong names! But they regularly call their cousins and aunts and uncles by the wrong names too. I guess they’re just bad with names! :)

  18. LOVE this post! It grates a nerve so much when people don’t get their Disney characters correct. I’m forever hearing people talking about “Simba’s uncle, what’s his name? Mufasa?” ZOMG get it right!!