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20 Free Creative Fonts


You can never have too many fonts. No matter if you are a blogger, designer, crafter or just a casual photoshop user – a large font library is an important tool. Let me help you out. Several times per month I’ll wrangle up a list of the coolest free fonts I can find and share them here, with you. This week I’ve collected 20 Free Creative Fonts for you to experiment with. You can find the download links below the image. If you use them in a project and you want to share – feel free to link in the comments. Enjoy!


1. Ballpark 2. Seriously 3. Giddyup Standard 4. Rum Raisin 5. Scribble Box 6. Zing Easy 7. Pacifico 8. Lego House 9. Eraser 10. Road Trip 11. KG Cold Coffee 12. Squishy 13. Lemondrop 14. Sloppy Hollow 15. Sacramento 16. Gabba Land 17. Green Avocado 18. Making Lettering 19. DK Crayonista 20. Bira Personal

  • Those are some very nice fonts that you found! Better that they are free!

  • Pretty cool!!!

  • These are great. Thanks!

  • Absolutely love all the fonts, thanks so much for sharing!

  • Jeffrey

    Its always nice adding captions to a photo and a font can really make or break it! Thanks for the list, look forward to more in the future.

  • Love these… Thanks!

  • asia austin

    thank you…. i love them all

  • Kim

    How do I get the free fonts? Can they be downloaded

  • marissa

    love your page

  • michelle

    these are great, thanks

  • Janet

    My computer tells me this website can contain suspicious mal virus. . .true???

  • Thanks for sharing! I especially love how easy you made it to actually get the font by linking directly to the source and in a new window so I can come right back to your site without getting lost. Thank you!