Laughter Is The Best Medicine + Free Printable Lunchbox Jokes

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Laughter not only helps us to alleviate tension and stress, it has also been shown to benefit us physically; which would be a great reason to laugh more. 


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Of all the different strategies and techniques for handling situations that come up as a parent or child, laughter is among the best.  Here are a few benefits of laughter for both parents and kids, as well as ways to incorporate laughter into your parenting routine.

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Laughter is Good For You

Laughter helps to relieve physical stress and tension, which leaves your body feeling more relaxed after. A good laugh also gets your heart pumping and gives your heart and lungs a workout. Laughing for fifteen minutes burns almost the same amount of calories as a fifteen minute walk. This means that laughing can really help when it comes to keeping fit and keeping up with the kids.

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When we laugh, our bodies release endorphins, which make us feel good and give us a sense of wellbeing. Laughing also reduces the levels of stress hormones in the body, which eases tension and anxiety. Reducing your stress hormone levels may also boost the performance of your immune system. This means that laughter may also help keep you and your kids healthy.

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Benefits of Laughter

When people laugh together, it strengthens their relationship. If you share laughter and humor with your kids, it helps you to bond more as a family. Laughing together encourages people to work together as a team and helps to settle conflict. Your kids will feel more connected to you if you share laughter and will be all the more motivated to do what you want them to.

Humor also helps to relieve distress during times when you are feeling overwhelmed. By making laughter a part of every day, both you and your family can maintain a more positive outlook and healthy attitude, all the way around.

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Bring Laughter into Your Life

It’s easy to make laughter a part of your parenting routine, because kids love to laugh and have a good time. If your kids have a hard time getting excited about cleaning up after themselves, come up with an encouraging activity or game to play while you clean. This way, they will actually want to participate and help out, rather than doing it to avoid getting into trouble.

When something bad happens and it’s time to get tough, try to focus on the positive aspects of the situation rather than the negative. Your kids may be more inclined to stay in bed at night if you talk to them about some of the fun things that might happen in the morning, rather than how much trouble they’ll be in if they don’t fall asleep. 


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Send The Laughter With Them With Our Printable Lunchbox Notes

Not only does laughter help to keep you and your family healthy and stress free, it also encourages your kids to behave better and enjoy life more. A random, surprise bit of laughter at school can make the toughest school day seem better. Try using these cute lunchbox notes in your child’s lunchbox or bag each day to give them a little laughter when they’re away from home.

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Printable includes 12 child-friendly jokes and riddles. Print them on premium matte paper to slip into lunchboxes and jacket pockets, or print to soft gloss photo paper so they can be used as bookmarks after!

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The times your family spends laughing together are the times your kids will fondly remember as they get older and form families of their own. If you encourage them to stay positive, they’ll pass that outlook down to their own kids in the future.

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