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Patriotic Deviled Eggs – Perfect for Summer!

Patriotic Deviled Eggs
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Deviled eggs have been a staple at the dinner table, as well as picnics, for centuries! There really is nothing better in the Summer then Deviled Eggs. They are so yummy and very versatile!

When I was growing up, one of the staples at our family reunions were Deviled Eggs! My Dad’s sisters made them all of the time. They mixed together the egg yokes with mustard, pickle relish and mayo. It was very simple and delish!

Then fast forward the Summer when my husband and I were newlyweds. I thought I would make Deviled Eggs one night as an appetizer for dinner. He took one bite and looked at me and said, “What did you make these with”? I preceded to share with him the family recipe to which he replied, “I really don’t like them”. I was crushed! After all I loved them and that was the only way I knew how to make them. He told me his Mom made them with sandwich spread and that’s how he liked them.

I know what you are thinking; I thought the same thing too. He was just hooked on his Mom’s food and he was wanting everything the way his Mom made it.

A few weeks later, when I was at his Mom’s, she gave me a jar of the spread so I knew what she used. So I tried to make Deviled Eggs again and used the sandwich spread. Once he tried them, he told me they were prefect. So that is how I have pretty much always made the eggs. There are times when I still make them the old way, but 9 out of 10 times, I make them with the spread.

Of course now no Summer meal is complete without the Deviled Eggs; especially Patriotic holidays! They seem like they just go together! So it was only fitting that I saw colored deviled eggs and I just knew I had to make them! With the sandwich spread of course.



These are so easy to make and the kids love them! I think once you try them these way, you will color them for many more occasions!


Red, White & Blue Deviled Eggs



Patriotic Deviled Eggs
1 doz eggs

Kraft Sandwich Spread

Red, Blue Food Coloring

2 tbsp. Vinegar


2 bowls (one for each color)

Cute Patriotic plate for presentation or you can use a white one and put a napkin underneath

Medium sized bowl for an ice bath

Wilton disposable pastry bag

Wilton tip # 1F


Directions to make Patriotic Deviled Eggs:

Put the eggs into a saucepan and fill with just enough water to cover the eggs. Put the pan on the stove and boil on medium high heat until the water starts to boil. Once the water is at a hard boil, remove the egg filled saucepan from the heat and let the eggs sit in the hot water for around 10/12 minutes. Carefully remove the eggs and place them into an ice water bath.

By putting the eggs into the ice water bath, you will immediately stop the cooking process and they will start to cool down. Let them sit in the ice water bath for about 10 minutes.

Remove the eggs and dry them off. To begin cracking the shells, gently tap the bottom of the egg on a hard surface. There is a little bit of air between the bottom and the egg so by cracking the shell there, you should have an easier time peeling the egg.

Once the eggs are peeled, cut the eggs in half and scoop out the yokes and place them into a bowl.

Then put about one cup of water into a bowl and add one teaspoon of the red food coloring and in the other bowl, add one cup of water and the blue food coloring. To each bowl, add a tbsp. of white distilled vinegar and mix the vinegar and water. Decide how many egg halves you are going to make red and how many blue and white. Then place each half of the egg halves into the color of your choice. Let them soak for a few minutes until they get the color you desire.

Let the eggs dry on paper towels. As soon as they are dry, use a fork to break down the yokes into a fine texture. Start off with 1 tbsp. of the sandwich spread and mix it into the yokes. Continue to add additional tbsps. of the spread until you get the desired taste that you want. We like ours with a little more zing so we use 3 or 4 tbsps. of it.

Prepare the disposable bag with the tip and coupler and add the yoke mixture into the bag. Press the air out of the bag and proceed to fill each half of the egg with the mixture.

Arrange the Red, White, & Blue Eggs as you wish on your favorite platter and serve!

Patriotic Deviled Eggs



*Older eggs usually work better for deviled eggs then fresher eggs.

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Patriotic Deviled Eggs