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Construction Cookies

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If you have a have a little PAW Patrol fan, then you definitely need to make these Construction Cookies with them. Either using homemade sugar cookie dough or a pre-packaged one, you can whip these together with the kids and not only create fun memories, but also have delicious sugar cookies to nosh on while watching their favorite show.

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Sugar cookies cut out in the shape of construction equipment

Construction Cookies

These cute cookies were inspired by the newest PAW Patrol movie, Big Truck Pups.

Why Should You Make This?

You should make these fun cookies because it’s:

  • a great way to introduce the kids to baking
  • they are easy to make
  • they are totally customizable
  • and it’s a fun snack to nosh

What You’ll Need

About the Movie

Are you ready for BIG trucks? BIG adventures? and BIG rescues? How about a NEW friend?

Ryder and the pups, along with their new pup-friend Al, will take the new Big Trucks out on the road to save the day! If you have a little PAW Patrol fan, then you must watch this DVD with them!

  • Pups Save a Sliding Chalet
  • Pups Save the Tooth Fairy
  • Pups Save a Wrongway Farmhand
  • Pups Save the Big Big Pipes
  • Pups Stop a Flood
  • Pups Save a Really Big Dish
  • Pups Save the Swiped Speakers
  • Pups Save the Hatchlings
  • Pups Solve the Mystery of the Missing Art
  • Pups Save the Bridge

Step by Step Directions

To print the directions, just click here for the printable download.

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