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Puppy Chow Recipe – Valentine’s Day Style

Puppy Chow is one of those tasty recipes that the whole family can enjoy throughout the year! You can customize Puppy Chow for any holiday or event!   This Puppy Chow recipe is full of creamy peanut butter, chocolate, rice cereal, powered sugar and M&Ms!   RESOURCES FOR OUR PUPPY...
snacking on the go yoplait gogurt

Snacking On The Go with Yoplait

Kids love to snack and mine is no exception. I'm not sure if he has a hollow leg, but that little boy can pack away some food. No matter if he's reading, playing, or doing his homework - he never fails to shout, "Moooooom! Can I have a snack?!" I...
healthy bedtime snacks

Healthy Bedtime Snacks for Kids

If it were up to my children to choose their bedtime snack, they'd be chowing down on cookies, ice cream or sugar laden cereal. But they are not boss and mom get's to make the choice of what they eat at night.   My kids have always been allowed to...

Quick and Easy Strawberry Blueberry Yogurt Snack

With being a daycare provider I am always looking for delicious yet healthy snacks for the kids. Fruit seems to be a favorite for everyone in my care, and with it being summer strawberries and blueberries are always stocked in my fridge. I have made this strawberry blueberry snack for...