After School Snack Ideas That Are Portable, Healthy, and Yummy

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The first thing my kids do when they get home from school is say they are STARVING! Depending on the schedule, we will either be doing a little after school snack, or I will already have dinner in the works. So as a Mom, a part of my weekly meal prep is also making sure I have quick and easy snacks available for the kids.

I don’t know about you but growing up, our after-school snacks either involved cookies out of the cookie jar or a wrapped snack out of a box in the cabinet. Yes, the definitely fit the time then, however, now, not so much. Our parents in the 70s/80s bought the food that was available at the time. Sure, occasionally we would have bananas or apples, but normally it was cookies and milk.

Don’t get me wrong, I do give my kids cookies and milk after school at times too, however, my kids, especially my youngest adores fruit. She could literally live on it if she could. She will actually ask for it when we go to the grocery store over chips or candy.

Now that we are just a few weeks from the first day of school, I am starting to look ahead at ideas for their after-school snacks.

My kids are 9 years apart, so I am usually running in two different directions due to their schedules.  So, one of my main goals to find food that’s portable, healthy, yummy, and something they will both love.

As I am putting together our food calendar for August, I’ve put together a list of ideas that are favorites of my kids for after school snacks.  These are snacks that are portable, healthy and yummy.  These ideas will work not only for your little ones, they are also great after school snack ideas for teens!

Vegetable Sticks with Almond/Peanut Butter and Raisins

Even though this is a fun dish for your kids, it can be a bit messy to eat in a car. To avoid this, consider packing all of the ingredients in a cute container that is easy for them to open. At home, to snazz it up a bit, you could get some really cute multi-space containers.

Paleo Friendly Potato Chips

It’s no secret that potato chips are an easy food to bring with you wherever you go. If you are eating paleo, try making kale chips or sweet potato chips for your children instead. That way they can have “chips” but with a healthy spin. Pick up some cute resealable bags that feature their favorite characters, so the chips are easy to transport. For snacking at the kitchen table, set up a fun snack spot with a placemat, napkins, and bowl.

Freeze Dried Fruit


Kids love to eat something sweet but finding something sweet that is also a healthy alternative can be a challenge. Even though freeze dried fruit is still high in sugar, it is a better option than most sweet treats and it has the added benefit of giving you some control over what your kids are eating.  Serve the dried fruit in fun food containers !!  Since we eat with our eyes first, they will love having a snack in a bowl that features their super heroes!

Granola Bars/Granola Clusters

Granola is a great snack. A granola bar is a quick pick me up that is filling, transportable, and yummy. Granola clusters, like these from Mamma Chia, are filled with whole-rolled oats, chia seeds, fruit, toasted nuts, and are naturally sweet thanks to honey and molasses. You can throw the granola clusters into a resealable bag or serve them up at home in a fun snack bowl.

Apple Sandwiches with Almond Butter

Apples are a great way to get some hydration into your child, and that is especially important when you are sitting in the summer heat. Instead of handing your child apple slices, allow them to make their own sandwiches by adding almond butter to two slices of apple. Or if your kids just don’t like the taste of almond butter, you can definitely substitute it with peanut butter. It’s a bit messy to take this on the go, however, there are lots of great ideas for containers that would work great for this. And at home, they can make a sandwich station to create their own sandwiches.  My kids love having apple slices with peanut butter.  It’s a quick and yummy snack and they don’t realize that it’s actually a good snack to nosh on.

Fruit Squeeze Pouches

I have to admit I absolutely love these for after school snacks. For both me and my kids. I’ve actually had them myself for a quick pick me up when we are out running around and need just a little something. These are great for enjoying in the car, at a sports competition, on the go, or even at home. And the clean up is super easy since you just throw the pouch away. Organic squeeze pouches, like these Organic Chia squeeze pouches from Mamma Chia, are the perfect option for fruit squeeze pouches. These pouches have fruits and veggies, have no sugar, AND it doesn’t need refrigeration!

Of course, to wash the snack down, there are lots of options for the kids; water, milk, and chia beverages like these from Mamma Chia!

And for on the go snacking, we can’t forget about us parents! As Moms AND Dads, we know that there are times when we feel like are energy is about to crash! Especially after we’ve been working all day and now that the after-school chaos has begun, we need an extra boost. Sure, coffee works, I’ve had it many times to keep going, but there are other great options to help keep the caffeine fueled energy going! Nuts are always a great source of energy, as are smoothies, bananas, yogurt, and even eggs. Another yummy and totally portable option are clean energy beverages, like chia energy beverages from Mamma Chia!

What other types of after school snacks do your kids love?

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