Decluttering Your Bedroom

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Decluttering your bedroom is a must! Our bedrooms should be our oasis, our getaway, our place to relax and regroup not a room full of stress.

When your bedroom is filled with clutter, getting rid of it can be quite overwhelming.

Decluttering your bedroom


The best way to declutter your bedroom is by using tips from professional decluttering services. Getting rid of clutter in your bedroom ensures you have a neat and tidy place to sleep.

There are studies out there that suggest that a cluttered sleeping area affects your sleep. 

Here are a few tips to start decluttering your master bedroom. The key thing to remember though that this isn’t suppose to be stressful.


Walk into your bedroom, set a 10 minute timer on your watch or phone and look at your room with fresh eyes.

Do you have bags and boxes of items you are waiting to donate? Do you have shoes or clothes not put away in the closet or drawers? Is your bedding worn out?

Make notes as to what if anything needs replaced or cleaned. Also write down your thoughts on how to improve the energy in your bedroom. 

STEP 2: Starting Zone

Start by clearing one area and use it as your declutter zone.

It can be a three-foot perimeter around your bed. The rule to use is anything placed on the starting zone is useful and won’t be thrown away. Arrange items according to different categories such as clothes, shoes, bedroom electronics and so forth.


Take a moment and look at your room while you visualize how you want it to look. What pieces of furniture are the most essential? What is on the floor? You should easily get rid of clutter once you have figured out what is essential, and have visualized how the room will look uncluttered.

STEP 4: Clear Off One Counter…Then Another

All flat spaces in your bedroom should be clear of clutter. Start with one counter or table if you have several of them. Clear off everything and remain with one or two essential things. For example, if you have a bedside table, you can clear everything and remain with your alarm clock.

STEP 5: Choose a Shelf

Now that you have cleared the counter(s), try a shelf. It will not matter the type of shelf. You can start with a bookshelf or a closet. If you decide to work on the bookshelf, start by handling one shelf at a time.

STEP 6: Pick Five Items

The items you pick should be those that you use often, but you usually place them anywhere in the bedroom. Create a a designated spot for them – and put them there every day. For example, put night time chargers in a charging station instead of laying everywhere. This way, you will be putting them there the moment you are done using them and not only are they neat, but you can always find them. Do this for everything in your room a few things at a time.

STEP 7: Donate to Charity

There are things in your bedroom that you no longer use. For instance, you may have some clothes that no longer fit you or are just not your style. Such items can be given to charitable organizations locally or nationally. Get a box and throw in anything you think you can donate to charity. Remember the rule that if you haven’t worn it in over a year, it’s time to let it go.

STEP 8: The Maybe Box

Sometimes when you declutter your bedroom, there are things that you may not be sure whether you will use or throw or donate to charity. Get a large box and use it as your maybe box. It is where you will place items that you are not sure what you want to do with them. These can be sorted out once the room has been effectively uncluttered.

STEP 9: Set A Schedule

Once you have finished getting rid of clutter, schedule a weekend to declutter your bedroom in the future. This may be three to four months later. Decluttering has to be done on a regular basis if your bedroom is to remain neat and tidy.


I know the last thing many of us like doing is cleaning our home, but a simple wipe down of everything in your bedroom once a week will really help. Also, wash your bedding on hot every few weeks to get rid of any dust mites to help keep the allergens to a minimum.  Also, set a deep cleaning schedule. Whether you deep clean in Spring or Fall, setting a note in your calendar will help you stay on track.

STEP 11: Consider an Air Purifier

We actually use one in our room on a daily basis as we have dogs in our room. I don’t run it at night because I always have to have a fan on, however, it’s a great addition to have in your room or home to keep impurities out of the air. 






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