Free Chalk fonts are the perfect fonts to inspire your creativity and help you get back into the swing of school since it’s back to school time!

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I know, none of us really want to think about that. But it does hold a lot of promise. Promise of your children learning, meeting new friends, exploring new hobbies, and so much more.

There’s also one other benefit: Back To School crafting! Today I’m sharing 22 FREE CHALK FONTS to inspire your creativity in not only Back to School crafting, however, they are also beautiful to use for baby showers, wedding invites, family photos, and kitchen organizing.  


There are several ways to install a font on a Windows PC. You can find the directions here.

You can also find great chalkboard backgrounds to prepare your crafts and graphics on Etsy

  1. Appleberry
  2. Learning Curve BV
  3. Shelter Me
  4. Penelope Anne
  5. Sunshine in My Soul
  6. Mathilde
  7. Scrap Booking
  8. Marie Eve
  9. Little Bird
  10. Road Movie
  11. blackboard
  12. Broken Chalk
  13. Villa Didot
  14. La Truite A Papa
  15. Milkmoustachio
  16. Susie’s Hand
  17. Sandwich Paper
  18. Eight Fifteen
  19. Pea Bev
  20. 2 Is Better (Than One)
  21. Defying (Gravity)
  22. (Generally) Speaking

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DISCLAIMER: MomSkoop did not create the fonts featured above. We simply assembled them together for this post. Once you click on the font link, you will be directed to the site where the font was found. You will need to contact the actual owner of the font for their individual license agreement BEFORE USING.  As of the updated date of this post, these free fonts are available at the link we linked to.  Please let us know if you find one that is invalid.